Universities for MBA in UK

Best Universities for MBA in UK for 2023 – Detailed Overview

Nowadays; students not only have to think over the selection of the discipline or major they are going to pursue rather they also struggle while choosing the university that would suit them the most.  MBA is one of the most sought-after disciplines, which is why many students opt for this coursework. However; after the selection of their major, their next step is the quest for the best universities for mba in uk. The UK is best known for its education standards because of its;

  • Quality education.
  • World-class infrastructure.
  • Global recognition of UK-based universities.
  • Exceptional research works.
  • Expert professors.
  • Availability of resources.

There is no doubt about the fact that the UK is recognized for its extraordinary educational standards but before enrolling in any of the top business schools in uk; students need to look into various factors including;

  • Location
  • Cost
  • Curriculum
  • Job potential.
  • The reputation of the school.
  • The scholarship program, and so on.

Besides students' quest, there are certain requirements of these universities as well; after all, they are top mba colleges in uk so students must fit into their criteria and must be capable of meeting their education standards as well. The following post will help the students in getting to know top universities in the UK for MBA programs, the procedure of getting admission to these institutes, and all the other related aspects will be discussed.

Best Universities for MBA in the UK:

The QS world ranking stands for “Quacquarellu Symonds” which is a British organization that specializes in the education industry. It was first published in 2004 in collaboration with Times Higher Education and now both have decided to part in their own divisions. However; ranking done by either of these organizations is accepted by the world. The QS world ranking has ranked the following universities of the UK as the best ones offering the MBA program around the world;

London Business School

This University has constantly been on the rank#1 among the top ten business schools in the UK. Its MBA program is known for its cultural diversity and international perspectives. Full-time MBA and Executive MBA program is offered to students in multiple business-related subjects.

The University of Cambridge- Judge Business School

The admission standards of this university are quite high because it prepares the best people for the business world. You can pass the admission test of this University with an average graduate management admission test score of 680. The full-time MBA program provided by this company is greatly recognized across the world.

The University of Oxford- Saïd Business School

This business school offers exceptional MBA programs and ground-breaking research that improves individuals, organizations, business practices, and society. It has a rich tradition of developing leaders. It develops the core business foundation in students by offering them Full-time and Executive MBA programs.

The University of Strathclyde- Strathclyde Business School

It is yet another internationally renowned academic organization that shapes and forms the business minds of tomorrow. This university offers its MBA programs on a full-time, part-time, executive, and online basis.  

The University of Manchester- Alliance Manchester Business School:

Alliance Manchester Business School is one of the world's leading business schools with six global hubs. It prepares the most talented executives for world-class leadership. Full-time, Part-time, and Executive MBA programs are offered by this university to the students.

Imperial College Business School

Imperial College London is known to be a global leader in science and technology. They drive global business and social transformation through the fusion of business, technology, and an entrepreneurial mindset. Imperial College Business School offers Full-time MBA, Part-time MBA, Executive MBA, and Global online MBA programs.

The University of Edinburgh’s Business School

They offer students to choose either specialized or generalist programs while acquiring a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the modern business world. Triple Accreditation underscores the quality of everything they do and has been awarded by the three most influential business accreditation bodies.

All of these educational institutes have been ranked as the best ones offering MBA programs by the QS education systems based on the following factors;

  • Academic reputation.
  • Employer reputation.
  • Faculty/Student ratio.
  • Citation per Faculty.
  • International Faculty Ratio.
  • International Student Ratio.

Which is the best university to do MBA in the UK?

All of the above-mentioned universities are globally recognized but if you were to pick one university among all others then it would be The University of Oxford- Saïd Business School. The financial times have ranked this university at 33rd number depending on its MBA program and it has achieved 4th place in business-week.

The education standards of Oxford University match quite much with the Imperial College Business School. This is why even the students of oxford university take imperial college London assignment help UK with their MBA programs because the basic writing standards are the same. The University of Oxford has a rich tradition of developing leaders as it provides you with a solid foundation in the core principles of the business world.

The process of applying for an MBA in the UK:

Studying MBA from a globally recognized university will give global exposure to the students about the world of business. It will enhance their understanding in areas including marketing, finance, human resources, and business administration. In the beginning, the basics are taught to the students but over the years they can choose their specializations in this field. So; once students decide to pick one of the top mba colleges in uk then they need to proceed to the procedure of getting admission to the college that they prefer. The main queries of the students are discussed below;

Who is eligible for MBA in the UK?

As MBA or master’s in business administration is a post-graduate degree so it is an obvious fact that universities will take students who have done their bachelor’s in business and management. All the top business schools in uk ask for a graduate degree that teaches the students the basics of business management. The average age of the students who take MBA courses in the UK lies between 27 to 30 years.

However; if a student does not have a bachelor’s degree in business management and still he wants to join the best mba programs in uk then this can be done by gaining a professional certificate in management from a renowned institute of business management.

How can I get admission to an MBA program in the UK?

Students from across the world want to get enrolled in UK-based universities to pursue their MBA programs but they get stuck on the question of how to get admission in MBA. It would take the following steps to fulfill the requirements of getting admission to the Universities of the UK;

  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration is obtained from a renowned university or any university if the grades are good. Besides that; if a student has passed the graduate management admission test (GMAT) and has scored 640 or above then that then he can apply for the best MBA programs in UK.
  • An experience of at least three years in the field of management, administration, or technology is also required.
  • If you are a foreign student who wants to get into the best universities for MBA in UK then you will have to pass your IELTS course as well with a score of 6.5 or above.

Is an MBA of 1 year in the UK?

How to get admission in MBA is not that complex if you are well-informed about the procedure and all of the related details. Another important detail that most students would want to know is the duration of these MBA programs that are provided by the globally recognized universities based in the UK.

Well! The duration of the MBA programs in the UK is as follows;

  • Full-time MBA program: It takes 15 to 18 months to complete this course.
  • Global MBA program: It takes 18 to 24 months to complete this course.
  • 1-year MBA program: It takes 12 months to complete this course.

UK is one of those countries that offer their MBA coursework study within the time span of one year which is quite convenient for lots of people, especially those who cannot take long study breaks and have to pursue professional careers. In this program; the following skills are taught to the students;

  • Planning.
  • Management.
  • Operations/functioning.
  • Human resources.
  • Marketing.
  • Finance.
  • Administration, etc.

Is MBA in the UK Expensive?

The expense of a particular thing or service can only be estimated by the budget of the students. However; still to answer the cost of MBA in UK in the year 2023; ranges somewhere between 47,000 pounds to 109,000 pounds. The cost varies depending upon the kind of university and the kind of MBA course you are willing to take.

If the students with scholarships want to know the cost of MBA in UK then they will have to pay the required amount minus 10,000 pounds; which is awarded to them by the British Council to encourage the students to pursue their higher education from across the world.

MBA and its scope in the UK:

Getting into your dream college and remaining persistent there are two different things. You will have to meet the educational standards of these globally recognized universities in order to pass the exams with good grades. There are many online platforms that offer academic assistance to such students where you can pay to get your assignment done in order to meet the standards of the university.

Students cannot afford to lose their grades after studying in such reputed universities because irrespective of the popularity of the university, students’ grades also matter.

Is the UK a good place to study MBA?

Yes! UK is just the right choice to pursue your MBA degree and there are legit reasons that prove how good of a place the UK is to study an MBA, these reasons are as follows;

  • They provide quality education with exceptional research skills.
  • The business schools or universities of the UK are globally recognized.
  • Their business universities are filled with resources that can take students a step ahead in their professional lives.
  • They offer close proximity to the financial services industry and multinational corporations.
  • They open doors for business networking, internships, and job opportunities for students studying at their universities.

So, for international students, as well as, national students looking to gain business and management skills in a native-English language environment, it’s hard to go past the United Kingdom and its diverse range of business schools. However; students must also perform with full dedication in order to achieve good grades, this includes completion of academic projects, preparing the presentations properly, and passing the exams on the first attempt.

As long as, MBA writing projects are concerned; students often seek who can do my assignment for me, they can buy writing services from UK-based online writing platforms who meet the writing standards of the best universities in the UK.

Which MBA is most in demand in the UK?

In terms of the study opportunities of the MBA programs in the UK, the options are virtually limitless. The UK-based universities provide MBA programs, covering a broad range of management topics and specialized master's degree programs in fields such as finance, consulting, supply chain, and business analytics. Students are allowed to choose the specialization for their MBA program from any of the below-mentioned majors depending upon their preference;

  • Hospital administration.
  • Art management.
  • Finance and accounting.
  • Sports management.
  • Consulting.
  • Marketing.
  • Real estate.
  • Logistics.
  • International management.
  • Business analytics, and so on.

General management is one of the most in-demand MBA programs in the UK. The general operations of the company are taught to the students through this program. Topics like leadership, management communication, and organizational behavior are covered in this program.

Which MBA has the highest salary in the UK?

MBA is already one of the most in-demand coursework in the UK so you can expect a handsome amount of salary. The salary of the MBA program graduates is determined based on the following factors;

  • The kind of university from where they have studied in the UK.
  • The grades or scores with which they have passed the exams for the MBA program.
  • The workplace/company where they have got the job opportunity.

On average; if the student wants to know the estimate of salary then it ranges from 60,000 pounds to 80,000 pounds per year. Besides that; it has been observed that students who have done MBA in the specializations like business analytics, finance, and administration tend to earn a bit more than other specializations. So, all the money that you are going to spend in buying write my assignment for me cheap services or paying the tuition fees of this program is going to be worth it.


MBA or Master’s in Business Administration is one of the most popular programs and has a great scope in the professional world. When the degree of MBA is obtained by the UK-based universities that are globally recognized then the value of the degree enhances even more. It is this degree that exposes the students to the globally connected network, diverse career opportunities, rigorous academic experiences, and thoughtful plus expert professors. Hopefully; the above-mentioned post will clear all the doubts of the readers regarding an MBA program being provided by the best UK-based universities.

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