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Did you know that even though it was the King of Babylon; Hammurabi who introduced the concept of law by codifying the statements like “if and then” but, it was Hugo Grotius who is termed as the father of law? It is because Hugo Grotius was the first man who introduced the system of reasoning in law. This shows the importance of reasoning in the sector of law. Students across the world aspire to become lawyers as they are familiar with the Benefits of law degree.

The UK is known for offering exemplary law programs. Students are well aware that UK-based universities are globally recognized but they have got multiple questions in their minds regarding the law programs that these universities offer. These questions might vary from what is the average salary of lawyer in the UK to how to write law assignments according to UK-based education standards. All these and related questions will be answered in the following post. 

The education standards of the law program in the UK:

The education standards of the UK are already quite highly regarded across the world. Times New Education system and QS education system have recognized some of the UK-based universities among the top universities of the world. These universities have been ranked as the best based on the quality of education, the reputation of the university, the ratio of international students, and teachers, plus other related factors. The following are the best UK-based universities offering law programs;

  • The University of Oxford.
  • The University of Surrey.
  • The University of Sussex.
  • The University of Warwick.
  • The University of Edinburgh.
  • Queen Mary, University of London.
  • The University of Manchester.

These universities offer the following types of law courses in multiple specializations varying from criminal law to contract law to family law. The average lawyer salary uk varies depending upon these specializations and the kind of course that the student has taken. The following kinds of courses are offered by the above-mentioned UK-based universities;

  • Bachelor of Law- LLB.
  • Master of Law- LLM.
  • Law Practice Course- LPC.
  • Fast track LLB- Graduate LLB.
  • Graduate Diploma in Law- GDL.
  • Bar Professional Training Course- BPTC.

What are the benefits of studying law in the UK?

The benefits of law degree or more specifically attaining a law degree from the UK-based university are as follows;

Historical law traditions

Did you know that the British Law Common System was introduced more than 00 years ago and it is one of the few places that initiated the concept of civil law? The common law in the UK was created after the Norman Conquest in the year 1066.

Internationally recognized universities

The UK is home to many internationally recognized universities. UK operates consolidation of the UK and EU law; this makes the universities of the UK offer outstanding courses in both systems of law. Students from across the world aspire to get admission to these law universities because of the following reasons;

  • Practice-based teaching and learning.
  • Exceptional educational standard.
  • Extraordinary research skills.
  • Internationally acclaimed professors.
  • Availability of required resources.

Future opportunities

Once you get a degree from a globally recognized university then having a bright future in your professional life becomes quite easier. A law degree offers many job opportunities to graduates varying from becoming a solicitor to a barrister, to a judicial assistant, etc. Moreover; the average salary of lawyer in the UK is also quite tempting.

A popular field

Law is considered to be the 3rd most popular coursework chosen by students across the world and each year about 25% of students around the world prefer to opt for the field of law. so; the law itself is a popular field and the degrees achieved from the internationally recognized universities of the UK make it even more worthy. 

So; all your effort of looking for how to write a law assignment examples and spending your day & night prepping for all those is quite to be worth it, for sure.

Home to International law firms

Another plus point of studying in the UK is that it is home to the top international law firms. Different types of internationally acclaimed law firms are operated from the UK varying from the prestigious magic circle law firm to the Freshfields Bruckhas.

Short course duration

There are times when students have to step into their professional careers a little sooner and cannot continue with their education for longer. So, the UK presents students with such law courses that are comparatively shorter. These courses also require the students to do assignments and projects but their time span is shorter. Besides; there always is an option of taking How to write a law assignment help from online platforms.

How much does it cost to study law in the UK?

No doubt that the average lawyer salary uk is quite tempting but before that, you have to make a fair share of investment as well. Is it too expensive or too cheap? It all depends upon your budget. However; there are the following factors that determine the cost to study law in the UK:

  • The kind of university.
  • The course type.
  • The reputation of the university.
  • Your location from the university.
  • If you are living on your own then the financial requirements to meet your personal needs.
  • If you happen to take How to write a law assignment help or other such forms of academic assistance from online platforms.

All these and similar expenses count but if you specifically ask about the tuition fees and course fees that the law universities of the UK take then the tuition fees range from 40,000 pounds to up to 84,000 pounds.

What type of Lawyer makes the most money in the UK?

The two of the most popular and in-demand types of lawyer in the UK are;

  • Commercial lawyer.
  • Corporate lawyer.

Commercial lawyers provide business-related advice to companies and corporate lawyers advise clients on their legal rights. The average of the solicitors in this area easily ranges up to 100,000 pounds per year. 

Writing law academic projects

Many students find themselves scrambling to complete their law assignments. If you are also in need of help with any one of these tasks, then you have come to the right place as all the rules and terms of writing law assignments will be discussed in the following post. Obviously; you can take how to write a law assignment examples from online platforms but if you want to do it on your own then follow the below-mentioned steps;

How do you start a law essay question/topic?

The first step to writing a law assignment help is the selection of the topic or choosing the law essay question for your research work. Topic selection plays an integral role in determining the outlook of your law assignments. This is why students must take into consideration the following points while choosing a law essay question or law assignment topic;

  • The topic must be appealing and relevant to the practicing areas of law.
  • It should be adding to the knowledge of the readers.
  • The selected topic should not be too narrow that you wouldn’t be able to meet the required word count.
  • The topic must not also be too extensive that you won’t be able to cover the wide topic of law and do justice to it.
  • The topic should deal with legal law precedents.

How do you write a law paper outline?

If you are short on time and the submission date is just around the corner then this point is not for you or you might even take do my assignment for me today services in such case scenarios. However; if there is a fair amount of time left in the submission of your law assignment then making a law paper outline really proves to be impactful.  This outline can be of the following points;

  • The main issues of the chosen law topic.
  • The points that your professors might have told your while teaching the related topic.
  • The relevant law headings that you don’t want to miss while writing the law paper.
  • The division of the law paper into its required sections.

How to conduct research?

Research is the key element of any assignment no matter the coursework. It is equally important in the discipline of law. The main reason for law students willing to take pay to do my assignment UK-based services is that they are not that professional when it comes to conducting research on the relevant law topic so they prefer taking professional help as they are familiar with the importance of research work. The research can be conducted by;

  • Identifying the scope of the legal question.
  • Start looking for secondary sources first.
  • Note down all the cases that seem to be the most relevant to your chosen topic.
  • Search from authentic sources to fill the gaps of the previously conducted research works in the related field work.

How do you structure a law essay/assignment?

All law essays or assignments are meant to be divided into three main parts which are;


The introduction must discuss the main idea of the argument and gives the slight hint about the background of the topic. The inclusion of the significance of the topic and the start with a catchy line keeps the reader hooked to your law assignment.


The body of the law paper assignment must constitute all your arguments being proved with the pieces of evidence. While you are at it, make sure that you are using simple language and avoid the addition of unnecessary flowery language. The main body of the law assignment must include the following parts;

  • Thesis statement.
  • Literature review.
  • Analytical writing.



This is the ending part of your law essay so it must properly conclude your essay with a concise statement. It must relate back to the finding of the report and must include precise overview of the main points.

Besides that; there is a particular format of the law assignment writing that must be followed including the usage of the theme of Times New Roman, font size of 12, line spacing of 1.5, and bordering plus numbering of the pages.

How do you reference a law assignment?

It is a well-known fact that research has to be conducted to write a law assignment but this researched data must be correctly cited. Students who are not familiar with this part can either take university of Warwick assignment help as the referencing style of this university and all of the UK-based universities are the same or students can follow this procedure.

Mostly; the OSCOLA referencing style is followed to cite the data in law assignment writing. Give the full citation of the case within the body of the law essay and add references to the original sources of the cited context at the end of the law assignment.

How important it is to proofread the assignment?

Proofreading and editing are essential steps in completing the assignment. Most students have been observed avoiding this step because they feel confident in their writing or often get exhausted from writing the whole assignment that they don’t want to revise it all again.

However; if you have taken can someone write my assignment for me services then professional writers will revise it all for you. Otherwise, you must precisely proofread and edit your content in order to improve its quality.


Assignment writing is an integral part of law degree completion in the UK. Students from across the world aspire to become lawyers from the UK-based universities of the law. So; this post has been written to help aspiring students by briefing them all about the writing standards of the law essay/assignment in UK-based universities.

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