Explain How To Challenge Discrimination To Promote Change

Course - Level 4 Diploma in Adult Care (RQF)

LO3 - Understand how to promote equality, diversity and inclusion

Unit 3.1 - Explain How To Challenge Discrimination To Promote Change

3. 1 Explain How To Challenge Discrimination To Promote Change

Discrimination is the term that defines the unfair or prejudicial treatment of people and groups based on an individual's demographic characteristics. These features include gender, age, race, and sexual orientation. The actions of Discrimination are unacceptable in society and should constantly be challenged whenever encountered. How to challenge discrimination to promote change, sometimes Discrimination occurs due to ignorance or having the worst leadership. It is essential to challenge discriminatory behaviour to change the behaviour practice. Challenging Discrimination can promote changes in procedures.

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For example, if a person feels that they have been discriminated against or mistreated because of their age or gender, they should take a stand. An individual should confidently challenge the actions of Discrimination through the legal process so that this never happens again. Challenging Discrimination is a difficult task as it mainly attempts to stimulate or alter policy rules. Discrimination occurs when an individual is mistreated based on their characteristics or features or belongs to a particular group. Discrimination may be challenged in different ways, but intentions are the same.

Ways to Reduce Discrimination

An individual can challenge change in Discrimination in two ways. One individual complaint that may lead to changes in policy or provide support to an individual. These are the challenges or practices to change on a small scale. The other challenge involves the course of legal actions through lawsuits which means encountering and affecting the entire organisation. These practices help in promoting change on a large scale. For example, policy differences between females and males in many organisations are considered obstacles to female promotions. Females are treated fairly in these areas even though they deserve appreciation or promotion. These act needs to be changed by challenging them through legal action, such as claiming women's right affects the entire organisation from a significant perspective.

For challenging Discrimination in a way that encourages change, one should be confident and able to face the consequences of this. An individual must be assured of attempting a challenge against Discrimination. For example, if an adult has been discriminated against at the workplace due to their age factor, then before challenging, one must do some research regarding relevant rights and laws. This research work challenges Discrimination in a way that encourages changes most effectively. Before questioning, one should know about the problems and barriers that might come along while attempting change. There might be severe consequences due to claiming Discrimination, like an individual might lose the job, suffering from destructive behaviours, and other personal claims. Discrimination brings out a range of side effects that might be severe or may progress to mental health problems. Sometimes people who experience Discrimination or may attempt to change the act of Discrimination feel isolated. An individual needs to work with a social organisation as it can provide various types of support.

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Discrimination in Social Care Setting

Effective ways of challenging discriminatory practice in social care settings includes the distinction, exclusion, and preferences that directly affect to nullify the impairing of the equality of opportunity or the treatment in the context of employment or occupation. The elimination of Discrimination in terms of sex should be removed from the workplace, and sex discrimination should be made based on biological characteristics and functioning, which distinguishes men and women. Discrimination based on sex includes sexual harassment, and in social settings, sexual harassment in employment directly involves those actions which are not justified. The expression of religious belief should be eliminated from social settings, and Discrimination based on religious belief should not be permitted.

To eliminate Discrimination on the basis of political opinion like membership in any political party, socio-political and moral attitudes, or civil commitment. In the social setting, like in the workplace, the workers should be protected against Discrimination in activities based on employment responsibilities by expressing political views. Discrimination should be challenged based on nationality, and the immigrants lawfully inside the territory must consider less favourable conditions compared to the national concerns like overtime holidays, training, membership, and trade union and enjoyment of the benefits towards the collection of the barriers.

In social settings, discriminatory practices are direct or indirect, and direct Discrimination arises when there are explicit reviews of the distinction between exclusion and preferences made up in one or more than one ground. The tackling procedure to reduce Discrimination is to implement the national government legislation, policy, and guidelines to prevent and tackle Discrimination. Involved the potential people who develop the policies which help reduce Discrimination. The other way to tackle Discrimination is to hire people for the organisation based on skills, knowledge, and suitability for the position, not to select a candidate based on caste, religion, and language.

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