Compare Strategies for Managing Stress in Self and Others

Compare Strategies for Managing Stress in Self and Others

Living with stress means living with a high level of toxicity that is continuously stopping you from achieving the heights that you could have easily achieved if you had a relaxed mind. Stress prevents the man to make important decisions; it prohibits him from having fun in life and restricts his critical thinking ability. This is why it is very important to effectively manage your stress, as well as, your loved ones. One needs to compare strategies for managing stress in order to overcome them successfully.

Why is it Important to Manage Stress?

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Even though short-term stress can help you motivate for your goals but long-term stress can lead to anxiety that results in mental disorders. As famous American author, Frank Herbert said; “The mind can go either direction under stress, toward positive or toward negative: on or off. Think of it as a spectrum whose extremes are unconsciousness at the negative end and hyperconsciousness at the positive end. The way the mind will lean under stress is strongly influenced by training.”  

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This is why effective stress management is an important way to mitigate stress which is why it is essential to compare strategies for managing stress in self and others in order to avoid various mental, physiological, emotional, and physical health disorders. Once you could manage your stress effectively; you will be able to;

  • Sleep better.
  • Have well-maintained weight.
  • No muscular tension.
  • Stay in a lighter mood.
  • Perform your tasks effectively.
  • Get along with other people.
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Strategies for Managing Stress in One’s Own Self:

In order to compare strategies for managing stress in one’s self and in others; it is important to analyze each form on an individual level. The following strategies will help people in managing the stress that they are experiencing;

Identification of the Stress:

In order to find strategies for managing stress in self and others, it is very important to identify the root cause of it. Sometimes; you might not be able to solve the problems to your cause of stress but there are times when you can solve the problem. Besides; when the solution is not in your hands then you don’t need to worry about it but if you manage to identify the problem and have the solution for it then go for it.

Daily Exercise:

Exercise does wonders as it pumps the production of endorphins in the mind which makes a person feel good. It reduces the negative effect of stress and keeps you in a light mood. It is not necessary to do a heavy-weight exercise rather casual running or walking for 30 minutes a day is also enough to keep your mental health stable.


Meditation is another technique that can help an individual to cope with stress. It is the focus and attention of your mind during meditation that eliminates the jumbled thoughts and list of worries in your head.  It results in enhances emotional well-being along with a physically fit body.

Self-Love/ Self-Care:

It is good to take care of others and provide for them but it is also important to love yourself. Do cater and pamper yourself and don’t hesitate to do the things that you love. Buy yourself some gifts and get aroma therapy or a massage to boost your mood.

Maintaining Diet:

Having a healthy diet also reduces stress to quite some extent. It is a balanced diet that supports a healthy immune system and repairs damaged cells. As extra energy is needed to cope with stressful events so this energy is obtained by having a healthy diet including;

  • Vegetables.
  • Fruits
  • Nuts.
  • Vitamins.
  • Minerals, etc.

Proper Time Management:

One of the most common causes of stress is not being able to complete tasks on time. This can be done by having proper time management and doing things accordingly. Have some me-time, some time for rest, some time for work, and so on. So; you won’t miss anything and will also be able to meet your goals.

Prioritizing Tasks of Importance:

There are times when an individual is burdened with tasks (either academic tasks or work-related tasks). In such cases; it is better to prioritize the tasks that seem to be comparatively more important to you because mostly that is the main thing that causes stress in people.

Thinking Positively:

Having a positive outlook toward life enables a man to cope better with stressful situations. It reduces the risk of depression and keeps the mood of a man balanced to cope with daily life activities.

Talking to your Family & Friends:

Having a conversation with friends and family always helps. But make sure that the conversation you are having with; is someone; who values you and who will give your genuine advice.

Strategies for Managing Stress in Others:

Managing stress in others is a bit more difficult than managing stress in yourself. It is because you cannot direct them nor can you keep giving them pieces of advice. An individual has to be extremely sensitive while trying to manage another person’s stress level.

Listen Without Judging:

“In times of stress, the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and our hearts and to be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers.” Listening is the most crucial step to helping others in managing their stress. Sometimes all a person wants to do is to share his feelings with someone without being judged.

Don’t Show Pity Rather be Empathetic:

Never show your pity to the person going through stress because it makes a person feel less important. Be empathetic and reassure him that you are there for him but don’t make him feel pitied.

Help Them Relax:

If you have spent a fair amount of time with the specific one who is struggling with stress then you must have an idea of what he likes or dislikes. Bring the food of his choice, try to involve him in the activities that he used to prefer, etc.

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